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Sonya on stage at the

International John Maxwell Certification

Orlando, Florida, 2016

Sonya on stage at the International John Maxwell Certification Orlando, Florida, 2016

This couple was blessed by the chance meeting shared in the video above.  They had no idea what the impact from Etch Your Life LLC training and the book, “Living a Life of Tin Can Moments” would have on their community, their church and anyone in need whether it be local or international.  Sonya and Dennis are truly humbled by the faith-driven journey they are on.  They believe God is in control and has already written their journey. They stay faithful to His word and are driven by that power. Sonya and Dennis are not on this journey to become wealthy or famous.  Their success is measured by the number of people they serve and add value to. They both worked hard in their careers. Sonya was a government contracting officer with an unlimited warrant. She is proud that her mission was to protect the taxpayer dollars and she did just that. Sonya is proud of the collateral positions she was selected to conduct, as follows: Federal Women’s Program Manager, an EEO counselor, lead for the Combined Federal Campaign in New England, master level certification in facilitating difficult groups to reach goals, Adjunct Professor at the New England College of Finance in Boston, and many others.  Upon retirement, Sonya dedicated herself to continue serving people to help them find how to live life in a positive way. Dennis owned a successful concrete cutting company for 30 years. Today, he continues to help laborers discover their abilities to work in the construction field. At 70, Sonya believes that people never really retire.  They just wake up and do something different each day.  Sonya and Dennis are filled with gratitude as they receive testimonials from the people they have served. They still give all the glory to God. He is who they ultimately serve.


All the Glory to God