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Dow, Illinois

If you are ready to jump in and become the best possible group working together for a common goal, select the session below that works for you.  Sessions are available in a Lunch & Learn format and/or Workshops that range from half day to full day.  Invest in yourself; invest in your people.  Find a fit for your group and let’s get started!

1. Need An Attitude Adjustment  The title of this training speaks for itself!

2. Team Building and/or Teams in Conflict  We believe that your employees are your KEY CUSTOMERS and can affect your bottom line.  We foster team communication and structure which are important factors that are needed to forge relationships and equip your group with the proper attitude to develop leaders.  Our team will work through goal-setting and communication training.  Our goal is to have a positive influence and result for each member, which can contribute to an ultimate increase in productivity.

3. Blue Collar Workers – Leaning In  This training is an experience unlike any other for skilled workers and follows the same premise as a think tank. What is the goal? How will they reach it as a team? Team training for skilled workers is a new approach. Etch Your Life LLC is fortunate to have trainers who are equipped to lead these blue-collar workers toward positive attitudes about the work they do and value the work as teamwork.  Blue collar workers are the foundation of our national workforce. Leaning In will help your workers to find the value in their work, their value as a team player, and help them understand their potential.  

4. Seminars / Workshops / Speaking Events  We offer customized “positive attitude” seminars for larger groups of people who have a specific interest in any of the categories listed below. Our seminars are unique in that we include audience participation. They learn a lot about themselves and have fun doing it!  Tailored Just for You!  Select one or a combination of topics below for your specialized event(s).  Excellent for families, churches, communities, businesses and even one-on-one coaching:

    • Attitudes
    • Building Bridges – Relationships
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Starting Over
    • Senior Citizens
    • God’s Plan
    • Unity Through Diversity
    • Freelance Editing

5. Leadership Assessment  As a John Maxwell International Certified Leadership Trainer, Sonya Etchemendy is equipped with an exclusive Leadership Assessment tool.  Does your company need Leadership Training?  Contact Sonya and she can help you answer that question.

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

Dr. John C. Maxwell

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Hi! My name is Donna Taylor and I own Bella Dia Salon and Day Spa. I just wanted to leave this message because Sonya has come into my life and has been an amazing Coach to me. She has helped me so much to just professionally, and emotionally, and personally to get on task and to kind of get my thoughts together and to get organized and to be more productive and just help me step out of my box and to just really think about things in life that maybe I did know but she just really brought them out on me and I’ve just been very, very pleased and happy. I’m so honored and blessed that she has come in my life and has really helped me like I said grow professionally and personally and I just feel a lot more pulled together and I look forward to a lot more. Thank you, Sonya.

Donna Taylor, Owner of Bella Dia, (Cabot, Arkansas)

I don’t know if anyone has ever told you how great a difference you make in the world around you!!!! You are a world-changer, a person who helps others to enjoy life more and to learn how to be a light to the world, just as you are! Don’t ever stop. God Bless You!

Participant in Leadership Game, John Maxwell International Maxwell Certification (IMC) (Orlando, Florida)

Sonya was so influential in my success. Her managerial skills and sheer support and ability to speak on behalf of her staff was the key to the upward mobility of many mid-level staff. I for one am forever grateful for her ability to make me breathe for 10 seconds before I spoke. I revert to that on many occasions. Thanks, Sonya. Love you forever, my boss, my mentor. She is without a doubt a fighter for those she represents.

Christine Lombard, EPA (Boston, Massachusetts)

Sonya is a talented motivational speaker. The John Maxwell programs are nothing but positive.

Gary Ricketts, Retired Military (Aiken, South Carolina)

After participating with Sonya in John Maxwell’s ‘15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’, I can share that these are great Laws to live by! Very inspiring.

Dena Graham Wray, Plexus Worldwide (Beebe, Arkansas)

So thankful I have Sonya for business advice!!!!

Kristie Woodbury, KD’s Cleaners (Benton, Arkansas)

Thanks! Sonya Etchemendy Don’t Forget, Hold Me Accountable This Friday! You were an Amazing Facilitator For The Leadership Game

Rick De La Fuente, International Maxwell Conference